"Jim, I would most definitely have to say it is YOU who are the king! 

                           Your pickups are the best in the world...nothing else comes close!!!!!" 

                                                    ~ David Thomas McNaught, McNaught Guitars

"Jim, your pickups are the best made.  The Darkbursts are my favorite.  They just have that sound of real woody tone from the old days past.  No matter what amp I plug in, the tone is there and ready to rock.  Madness....I did the Guitar One mag press for studio update, told 'em after I installed Darkbursts we could channel the tone of legends.  Keep on winding with soul!"   ~ Jimmy Allen





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American Steele



Combo Sets




G-90 Set






SRs / Teles

All Wagner's

American Steele Set

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Carl Verhayen (Supertramp)  -  American Steele Set

Chuck D'Aloia   -  American Steele Set






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Combo Sets

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CherryBucker Set

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CherryBuckers all the way!!

Crossroads Set

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Fillmore Set

G-90 Set

Godwood/Darkburst Combo - Galo Rivera on a PRS

Jason Schroeder - GW - Neck_LeadJazzy

Jason Schroeder - Wagner Intro

Gabriel Manzo   -  American Steele Set

Crossroads pickups in a PRS CE22 through various pedals (including an Analogman Chorus) into a Blueverb Amp.  John Green on Jeff's Fender bass, Todd Sheets on Leverta's drums, Juan Peaks on keys

DarkBurst Set

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The tags on the audio clips below show what pickups (CB), Position (N, M, or B), what Scumback speaker, and what amp.  
When you see NSP, MSP, or BSP, that means that pickup ( neck, middle, or bridge positions) are running series-parallel.

I really dig that.  Single-coil tone, still humbucking.  ;-)

Godwood Set

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Keith Weiss tests out his new BetSet pickups with RS Guitarworks pots and Wagner caps.  Installed by Steve Wilson, guitar tech, on a 2007 Gibson chambered historic Les Paul guitar.  Played through a Swat Space Tone Atomic Jr. tube amp.

Jim on stage with Marshall Tucker Band, playing his SG with the G-90 Set.
Chris Hicks is playing his Gold Top LP, loaded with the American Steele Set.

IceBucker Set

IronMan Set

Jason Schroeder - GW - Pos2Para

Jason Schroeder - GW - Pos4Para

Jason Schroeder - GW - Bridge

Jason Schroeder - GW - MidSeries

Godwood Set with various amps - James Lugo


Moore/Green Set


 Articles, reviews and

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SRs / Teles

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                MurKat Special Floyd Specifics

In-depth video demos by co-designer Jay Kolanda

Matthew Hornby - SRs

Derek Neece - SRs


Grab your best set of headphones while the page loads up - and prepare for LOTS of great tone!

Click here to check out

Interview with Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer

( Wagner part starts at 15:00 )

Dave "DC" Cothern on guitar with a Fillmore Set.

Ron Keel Band in studio, Ron with the camera.

Thanx much to engineer Michael Dresch, guitar builder, friend and customer.

Notice the reaction to sustain at the end of each track.

I get that look and comment a lot.... LOL.