What is JWP's turnaround time once I place order?       >>>  ( click here  )  <<<

What is JWP's return policy?       >>>  ( click here<<<

Are the pickups hard to install?

No!  Girl Scouts can do it!!  So can you!!!  Get a soldering iron if ya don't already have one. 

         But which wire goes where?    No problem!    Installation instructions    >>>  ( here<<<   

Will these pickups fit in my guitar?

Our pickups are standard 49.2 humbucker bobbins.  (Center to center of the two outside screws.)

If you have a PRS, be sure to pick that option in your order, as you will need shorter than standard 1/2 inch legs.

*If you're SURE your guitar of any other model than PRS has shorter than standard legs, choose the PRS option when ordering as well.*

Will my own pickup covers fit JWP pickups?

As above, our pickups are standard 49.2 humbucker bobbins.    For more information, see cover installation    >>>  ( here )  <<<

What is the difference between zebra and reverse zebra bobbins?
Zebra = black screw bobbins
Reverse Zebra = black slug bobbins

Are JWP pickups potted?

Yes, but not with the "great tone killer" wax.  JWP pickups are potted with my own invention, which actually enhances the resonance

of the pickup, while still suppressing the squeal.


What pickup is best for my guitar?

If you like the tone of your guitar acoustically (unplugged), then any JWP pickups will enhance that tone with varying shades of fat

and drive.  No matter what guitar you have, what kind of fretboard, body style, weight or model, any JWP pickup will enhance it's tone dramatically. (see testimonials)  To determine the best choice for you, consider the acoustical properties of your particular guitar and the style of your playing, along with your tone preferences (what you want it to sound like).

                               Here is a overview of the basic characteristics of various JWP models:

                                      Crossroads Set - Early Clapton type tone.

                                      DarkBurst Set - Duane's Tobacco Burst.

                                      CherryBuckers - Kossoff, Bonamassa, or namesake BuckCherry's Keith Nelson/StevieD.

                                      Godwood Set - Nice and fat.  Winner of the Great Hollywood Pickup Shootout.

                                      Fillmore Set - Love slide? Love vintage Duane?  This is the set you want.

                                      IronMan Set -  Raw power.  Straight into a Marshall is just fine.  Pinch harmonics anywhere.

I'm playing through a *(whatever amp)* so, which set would you recommend?

No matter what amp you are playing through, any JWP pickup set will make you remember why you bought that amp in the first place!!  Here are some examples of various sets through various amps:    >>>  ( click here )  <<<

What is the difference in output (DC) measurements?

Generally, the higher the reading, the sooner the pickup will break up, and the tone will be a little fatter.

The lower the reading, clearer with less "hair" on it, so to speak.

Which pickups should I get if my guitar sounds too bright?

Godwoods are the perfect set to make it richer.

Which pickups should I get if my guitar sounds too dark?

Crossroads or Crossroads/Darkburst combo will give you more clarity.

Which pickups should I get if my guitar needs more balls?

American Steele or IronMan Set is for you.  

Which pickups should I get if my guitar needs more midrange?

Fillmore Set have a mid to upper-mid bulge, which cuts thru the mix easily, without an icepick effect.

I'm trying to get away from muddy tone.  Which set is best for that?

Any JWP set will take care of that for you.  Mud is never an issue with JWP pickups. Period.

Clarity, harmonics and string separation, even in high gain situations.