"Jim, I would most definitely have to say it is YOU who are the king! 

                           Your pickups are the best in the world...nothing else comes close!!!!!" 

                                                    ~ David Thomas McNaught, McNaught Guitars

"Jim, your pickups are the best made.  The Darkbursts are my favorite.  They just have that sound of real woody tone from the old days past.  No matter what amp I plug in, the tone is there and ready to rock.  Madness....I did the Guitar One mag press for studio update, told 'em after I installed Darkbursts we could channel the tone of legends.  Keep on winding with soul!"   ~ Jimmy Allen

   Winner of the 2 biggest, baddest pickups shootouts ever on Planet Earth !!

    G & B Magazine Germany & the Great Hollywood Shootout at James Lugo's Vocal Asylum

JWP is a totally solar-powered shop. 

Jim Wagner Pickups

Alerts, Return Policy, Shipping and Basic Specs


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your support of JWP!

You ROCK!!!


We have gotten some E-Bay feedback lately.


I have complete confidence you will get much enjoyment out of your JWPs.
Because tone is a subjective thing, there are plenty of reviews and clips available to study before buying. 

PLEASE, consider your purchase carefully.  I personally wind all orders as they come in.  

This means you get it your way, and the chances that another identical order will come in

within a short period are low - especially on more customized features. 
(any pickup not plain double black or zebra)

Our turn around time is extremely fast, usually shipped within a few days,

which leaves little time for you to change your mind.

If shipped before order is canceled, our un-used return fee will apply.   (see below)

All returns must be requested within 30 days of shipping date.

Be sure your order is correct, or we will have to charge a $15.00 Cancelled Fee for PayPal charges.

Humbuckers can be returned, but you must pay a $100.00 re-furbishing/restocking fee per set,

or $50.00 per pickup.

There are NO returns on orders shipped outside of United States.

There are NO returns on OEM purchases or sale items, unless they are defective (which is extremely rare).

There are NO returns on SR's or Tele pickups unless they are defective (which is extremely rare).

We sound check every pickup right before it goes out the door.

Returns OK for defective/non-operational pickups. (extremely rare)

If a pickup has never been used or installed, there will only be a $40.00 shipping & fees recovery charge

per set or $20.00 per pickup.  They must be in "As New," or pristine condition if returned as un-used.


I send USPS delivery/signature confirmation.   Orders are normally shipped Tuesday and Friday.

Be sure your address and order are correct.  Our turn around time is extremely fast, usually shipped within a few days, which leaves little time for you to change your mind.

Please check with your post office first if you have not received your order in 7 to 10 working days.

Tracking info on request, but please give 7 days for delivery first.

I know you're excited to experience this awesome tone, but alas I am but one man....LOL

Return address :    JWP

                                  20489 Willow Springs Dr. Suite 1008

                                  Soulsbyville, CA 95372


Consider your purchase carefully, as we neither give away pickups for your approval, nor do we rent them!

By ordering pickups from JWP, you are agreeing to the above terms.

Thank you & Enjoy!

Sincerely,  Jim Wagner  ~ Jim Wagner Pickups


The specs are all approximations, as JWP has found that exact number of winds are far more important

than exact DC resistances.  Even then, they are almost always within + or - .2k.

Resistances will vary with different meters, room temperatures, etc.

BetSet 7.6, 7.5 (Yes, bridge is wound slightly less)

Crossroads 7.8, 8.2

Moore-Green ( measured them myself) 8.2, 8.6

DarkBurst Set (measured by friend) 8.3, 8.7

GodWood Set 8.5, 10.2

CherryBucker Set 8.1, 9.4

Fillmore Set 11, 13.5

IronMan Set 19, 22.5  w/ceramic 8 mag

American Steele - (Crossroads neck, GodWood bridge)  7.8, 10.2

G-90 Set 7.8, 10.2

Please visit the >>> Installation <<< page for complete instructions

on successfully achieving the tone you've always imagined!