"Jim, I would most definitely have to say it is YOU who are the king! 

                           Your pickups are the best in the world...nothing else comes close!!!!!" 

                                                    ~ David Thomas McNaught, McNaught Guitars

"Jim, your pickups are the best made.  The Darkbursts are my favorite.  They just have that sound of real woody tone from the old days past.  No matter what amp I plug in, the tone is there and ready to rock.  Madness....I did the Guitar One mag press for studio update, told 'em after I installed Darkbursts we could channel the tone of legends.  Keep on winding with soul!"   ~ Jimmy Allen

Welcome to Jim Wagner Pickups

Hand-wound World Champions of TONE!

JWP produces premium, award-winning, hand-wound guitar pickups.

Wagner power, tone, overtone, harmonics and sustain can be yours!

"My DNA is on every pickup that leaves this shop.
JWP is just me.  ;-)

While I may not have all the bells and whistles here, I absolutely have one focus.
Great Tone.
Trust my reputation and please read my brief shipping and return policies. 

I ship on Tuesday and Friday.

So kick back and relax....the tone in your head is on the way!""   ~ Jim

   Winner of the 2 biggest, baddest pickups shootouts ever on Planet Earth !!

    G & B Magazine Germany & the Great Hollywood Shootout at James Lugo's Vocal Asylum

 Pickup Of The Year 2007 - Premiere Guitar Magazine

JWP is a totally solar-powered shop





Jim Wagner Pickups



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