A limited number of SRs are available 3 ways:

1.  Just the pickups     $365.00

2.  Pickups with (3) 300k pots, (1) JWP .047 cap     $395.00

3.  Completely pre-wired minus pickguards          $425.00(includes (3) 300k pots, JWP cap, and switch)              

All SR Sets include covers, your choice of black, white or ivory.

Derek Neece playing SRs

If you choose to order the fully pre-wired set, please note:

I can wire them 3 different ways, your choice upon order.

1.   Stock Strat

2.   JWP-Style.   Middle tone works on neck AND bridge (you are  
     ever on both at the same time anyhow), and in the middle
     positions, BOTH tone controls can work.

3.   Eric Johnson Style.   Tone on neck and bridge,

      no tone control on the middle.

As there are 8 different screw types that I know of, these will have "one-size-fits-all" holes in the flanges.  I will supply 6 small round-head nickel (or gold Phillips screws) that will

easily thread their way into the hole supplied.

You will just have to install the screws, adjust the pickup height initially to where the top of

the cover is flush with the top of the pickguard, and using your wire cutters, snip off any un-wanted length of screw(s) sticking out of the bottom.  If you intend to use existing screws (most people do) instructions on how to properly fit them will be included in the package.
The kit will come with a full easy-to-follow installation sheet.