At D.C. resistance readings of apprx. 10.5k, 13.5k, this is the set that will really fool you with the specs. You will hear this by listening to  soundclips [ here ] on the site. 

Wagner's innovative and radical winding, potting, and magnetic buffering make these the best and most versatile tones you will ever see, hear, use, or own.

The Fillmore Set not only does "Duane" perfectly, but are absolutely the very best for 70's style hard rock like Montrose, Schenker, ZZ, BadCo, etc.  They do not sound like a harsh super-distortion pickup set as the numbers would lead you to believe. Listen to the clips! MONSTER TONE for slide as well.

All Wagner pickups clean up VERY well, retain highs when turned down, with NO MUSH!

        Here is the set that started it all!

New custom built matched sets of humbuckers, hand-wound to exactly replicate the tones used in the Fillmore recordings by Duane Allman and others.

Gibson R8, JTM 80 watts with JBL n Mullands