These pickups were wound to the

                     specs of Duane's"DarkBurst" (hence the name),

                  his last axe.  Although the name suggests they are a

             "dark" pickup set, that is a false impression.  It is only the

       name derived from the axe itself.  They are a slightly over-wound

   version of the CrossroadsSet, and tonally have a sound like Duane from

"Eat a Peach," Free, Bloomfield's "Super Sessions," EVH's brown-sound, etc.
Priced the same as Fillmores or Crossroads, they are in a class all by themselves.

Reviews all over the net resound.

We have a good many customers

tell us they have yet to find out

what these pickups CAN'T do!

DarkBurst - bridge

DarkBurst - all positions