Keith Nelson and StevieD of BuckCherry have long been friends of ours, since the days of "Crazy Bitch" which wound up going Platinum, of which they proceeded to give Wagner their very own Gold and Platinum copies as well.  We have built a good amount of various pickups for these guys, and this set came out on top.

Introducing in their honor:  The CherryBucker Set. 

A slightly modified American Steele set, the neck is wound slightly more, and the bridge is wound slightly less.

Approx. DC resistances are 8.1, and 9.4 respectively.
Both use an Alnico5 magnet.

Be sure to check out BuckCherry's new song "Wherever I Go" on the new "Avengers" soundtrack, one of the biggest blockbuster movies ever!!  And be sure to order your CherryBuckers today!!!

All Wagner pickups clean up VERY well, retain highs 

when turned down, with NO MUSH !